Q:  Do you make a Moses basket for snuggle me loungers (or Dock-A-Tot loungers)?
A:  Yes, we do make Moses baskets for snuggle me loungers (and Dock-A-Tot loungers).  Please click here to view our full selection of Moses baskets for snuggle me infant loungers.

Q:  Do you make custom size basket stands?
A:  We often make custom size basket stands.  Send us the outside bottom length & width of your basket and we will let you know if we can build a stand for it.

Q:  What is the weight limit of your Moses baskets?
A:  Because Moses baskets should always be placed on a firm, flat surface and not carried by the handles when baby is inside, there is no weight limit per se.  Our Moses baskets can hold as much weight as will fit in them.  The important consideration is the weight limit of the basket stand.  Imported stands can hold about 20 pounds (that's including baby, the basket itself and bedding).  Our American made stands can hold 165 pounds.

Q:  What is the age limit for a bassinet?

A:  Bassinets can be used for overnight room sharing until baby can roll over and/or sit up unassisted.  After that, bassinets can be used for adult supervised daytime naps.

Q:  Can I get just one stand to fit both my Moses basket and my stroller bassinet?
A:  Yes, we will be happy to tell you which stand would fit both.  Email us, let us know which basket and bassinet you have and we will point you in the right direction.

Q:  When should I order my nursery crib furniture?
A:  We recommend you purchase your baby nursery furniture as early as possible to allow plenty of time for completion & delivery.  Generally our cribs are completed within 6-8 weeks; some items may take longer as noted in the product details.  Once completed, an additional 2-3 weeks is allotted for the packing & shipping process.  Our furniture is handmade in America on a small, old-world scale.  It is not mass produced and that's what makes it special.  High quality requires a little time but we promise it'll be worth the wait.  Don't take our word for it - read what our customers have said.

Q:  Does your furniture have a guarantee and/or warranty?
A:  Yes.  BabyEcoTrends.com guarantees the workmanship as well as the shipping and delivery.  Our builders also guarantee the workmanship; the shipper also guarantees the items during shipping and delivery.  So, from the beginning of the building process to final delivery, there are three parties that guarantee the furniture.  Our furniture warranty is valid for one year after the date of delivery.

Q:  Why has my credit card been declined?
A:  If you are making a large purchase that is outside of your normal purchase range, your bank/credit card company will need to hear from you prior to the purchase.  Please first call your credit card company and notify them of your purchase and then attempt to make the purchase.  Repeated attempts to purchase without first contacting your bank will result in repeated declined messages and may cause your card to be disabled.  This is something that we have no control over, cannot remedy and must be addressed with your bank/credit card company.

Q:  How long does shipping take?
A:  Depending on the mailing address, transit time may be from 3 to 10 business days.

Q:  Can I purchase expedited shipping?
A:  Expedited handling is available for all items and expedited shipping is available for select items. 
Email us and we'll be happy to let you know if expedited shipping is available for the item(s) you've selected.

Q:  Can you guarantee a delivery date?
A:  Given all of the parties and all of the variables involved we cannot and do not guarantee delivery dates.  Our suppliers are small, family owned businesses and make items to order.  Our products are not mass produced and stored in enormous warehouses awaiting fork lifts.  They are made by Americans whose businesses and personal lives are affected by the same real world events to which we are all subject.  That said, we work closely with our builders to make sure your furniture is delivered on time.  If you have a target date please share that with us at the time of order and we will be happy to do all we can to accommodate your needs.

Q:  How will my order be shipped?

A:  Smaller items may ship via a ground carrier such as UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS.  Larger, heavier items ship with freight carriers. 

Q:  What are shipping costs?
A:  We offer free shipping on purchases over $75 in the continental USA.  Furniture delivery companies (not common carriers like UPS/FedEx/DHL/USPS) levy surcharges on deliveries to "remote" or "difficult to serve" areas.  Most of us already know whether we live in a "remote" area; but if you're not certain email us and we'll check before you make a purchase.  If your furniture order incurs additional shipping fees, we will notify you and request approval before proceeding.  Free shipping is a curbside only service & does not include Inside Delivery.

Q:  Do I need Inside Delivery?
A:  It depends on your needs.  Inside Delivery includes assembly (excluding cribs), room placement & debris removal.  Inside Delivery is a great option for anyone who cannot or prefers not to do the heavy lifting.  It is also a great option for anyone living in a multi-level building with a narrow stairway & no elevator.  For an Inside Delivery quote, please contact us.

Q:  Is your furniture really made by the Amish or is it just Amish style?
A:  All of our Amish baby & children's furniture is hand crafted by Amish master woodworkers that practice the Amish religion & live according to its teachings.

Q:  What is QSWO (quarter sawn white oak)?
A:  QSWO is oak that has been sawn at a 90 degree angle to the growth rings and the result is a more stable wood with characteristic ribbon patterns throughout.  For more information, read our blog about QSWO.

Q:  Do you accept personal checks or money orders?
A:  Yes.  If you wish to pay with a personal check or a money order, please contact us for details.

Q:  Do you ship outside the US?
A:  Some items can be shipped to other countries.  Email us if you have questions.

Q:  Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico?
A:  Some items can be shipped to those areas.  Email us if you have questions.

Q:  How hard is it to assemble a baby crib?
A:  All our cribs come with very simple, easy to follow assembly instructions.  On average, cribs can be assembled in under an hour.  Our case goods are shipped fully assembled.

Q:  What size crib mattress do I need?
A:  Our baby cribs are standard size & will fit standard size baby crib mattresses.

Q:  Can I buy the conversion rails later?
A:  Yes.  Conversion rails (used to convert baby crib into a toddler bed, a day bed & then a standard full bed) can be purchased later.  However, to ensure a perfect match we recommend purchasing baby crib & conversion rails concurrently.  Please note that there is a price difference for conversion rails purchased separately versus purchased along with a baby crib.

Q:  I want a wood species that I don't see listed.  Do you offer any wood choices other than Brown Maple, Red Oak, QSWO & Cherry?
A:  Yes, we do.  Most of our Amish furniture can be made with Rock Maple, Walnut, Grey Elm, Rustic Cherry, Hickory, Rustic Hickory as well as other species.  If interested, email us for a quote.

Q:  How can I get some wood & stain samples before I order my furniture?
A:  Follow this link to order as many samples as you'd like.  Return them to us & we will refund the purchase price less shipping.

Q:  Can I customize colors or hardware?
A:  Yes.  Stains, paints, finishes, hardware & fabric can be customized.  Our Amish furniture can often be built to specific dimensions, as well.

Q:  Can I get soft close undermount drawer slides?
A:  Yes.  Soft close undermount drawer slides are available; please email us for details.

Q:  Can I get cedar drawer inserts?
A:  Yes.   Most case goods can be made with cedar drawer inserts; please email us for details.

Q:  Do you have testimonials we can read from previous customers?
A:  Yes.  Please click here for our customers' feedback.

Q:  Why American made?
A:  All of our baby & children's furniture, toys & gifts are made in America because we feel it is the best assurance of quality & safety.  This is not to say that everything made in the USA is guaranteed safe; it is to say that disproportionately more imported goods have proven to be unsafe & of low quality.  When it comes to baby products, we feel safety & quality are of paramount importance.  American made means a much smaller footprint, adherence to labor laws & responsible forestry practices.  When you choose American made furniture, you are supporting small, family owned businesses in communities across this country.

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