Q:  When should I order my nursery furniture?
A:  We recommend you purchase your baby nursery furniture as early as possible to allow plenty of time for completion, delivery & assembly.  ETAs vary widely by season, by builder and by item.  Our furniture is not mass produced but made on a small, old-world scale; that is what makes it special & that requires time. 

Our furniture makers are small, family owned businesses that rely on other small, family owned businesses to run smoothly & on schedule.  On rare occasions, production may be slowed down due to a supply chain issue or a family emergency.  Please keep in mind that ETAs vary by season and are in fact estimates, not guaranteed dates.  Customized products and painted items will require extra time to complete.  

Q:  How long does shipping take?
A:  Our products have varying ETAs.  Some items take days to ship and some take weeks.  Email us for current ETAs for the specific items you have in mind and we'll be happy to help.

Q:  How will my order be shipped?
A:  Smaller items may ship via a ground carrier such as USPS, UPS or FedEx.  Larger, heavier items ship with freight carriers.  For orders that require freight shipping, we email you receiving instructions to ensure smooth delivery.

Q:  What are shipping costs?
A:  We offer FREE shipping on purchases over $75 mailed to addresses in the continental USA.  Some zip codes in New York city may incur additional shipping costs.

Q:  If I want my furniture pieces painted, how do you know what color I want?
A:  You can enter your desired paint color in the "Comments" section at checkout or you can email us.

Q:  If I want a custom paint or stain color, how can I make sure I get exactly the color I want?
A:  You can either email us the manufacturer's color code or send us a paint or stain sample chip.

Q:  How hard is it to assemble a baby crib?
A:  All our cribs come with very simple, easy to follow assembly instructions.  On average, cribs can be assembled in under an hour.  Our case goods are shipped fully assembled.

Q:  What size crib mattress do I need?
A:  Our baby cribs are standard size & will fit standard size baby crib mattresses (52" x 28").

Q:  Can I buy the conversion rails later?
A:  Yes.  Conversion rails (used to convert baby crib into a day bed & then a standard full bed) can be purchased later.  However, to ensure a perfect match we recommend purchasing baby crib & conversion rails concurrently.

Q:  Can I customize colors or hardware?

A:  Yes.  Stains, paints, finishes, hardware & fabric can be customized.  Our Amish furniture can often be built to specific dimensions, as well.

Q:  Can I get cedar drawer inserts?
A:  Yes.  Our case goods can be made with cedar drawer inserts.

Q:  Why do you focus on USA made?
A:  Whenever possible, we prefer to bring you products made in the USA.  We feel it is the best assurance of quality & safety.  That is not to say anything made in the USA is guaranteed safe; it is to say that some imported goods have proven to be generally less safe & of a lower quality than goods produced in the USA.  When it comes to baby products, we feel safety & quality is of paramount importance.  As an added bonus, USA made means a much smaller footprint, adherence to labor laws & responsible lumber harvesting.  Lastly, buying USA made means supporting American small business in our communities.  Thanks you for considering USA made!

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