z 5-29-13 Dreamton Crib Mattress (Green Cotton & Virgin Lambswool) - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

 Naturally Flame Retardant
  Hand Made in USA


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The White Lotus Dreamton Baby Crib Mattress is made with a core of 100% cotton enveloped in virgin lambswool from New Zealand, finally wrapped in a cotton casing.  The virgin lambswool has not been treated and serves as a natural flame retardant, providing a safe alternative to harmful toxins typically found in conventional mattresses.  Wool is also prized for its natural dust mite repellant qualities as well as being a natural body temperature regulator - wicking away moisture in high temperatures & providing warmth in cooler temperatures.

The Dreamton Mattress' dimensions are unique (28" x 54" x 3.5") in that they provide an extra inch on either side for the most secure, snug fit available.  Because White Lotus Home does not add perfumes, formaldehyde, or dyes to any natural fibers and materials, some of our items will retain their natural scent. For fiber samples, please email us at info@babyecotrends.com.

We recommend using a wool puddle pad with any crib mattress. The White Lotus Home Certified Organic Wool Puddle Pads are made of USA grown wool and hand made in the US. These puddle pads are unbleached, untreated & so soft they are often used as blankets and measure 28" x 52".

- Made in USA
- Hand made & hand tufted
- 100% cotton core
- Virgin lambswool
- Naturally flame retardant
- Meets federal flame retardant requirements of FR1633
- No synthetic fibers or materials
- No Borate powder
- NO Vinyl/PVC
- NO Polyurethane foam
- NO Brominated or Chlorinated Fire Retardants
- NO Antimony
- NO PAN (polyacrylonitrile)
- NO Modacrylic
- NO Dimethyl Sulfate
- NO Boric Acid
- NO Respirable Crystaline Silica
- Fits standard baby cribs
- Dimensions: 28" x 54" x 3.5"

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.  Ships in the contiguous USA only


From the makers of the Dreamton Mattress:

White Lotus Home crib mattresses are made unlike any other crib mattress on the market. We have worked tirelessly for years on making a product that is safe and natural for babies. Crib mattresses are a very intimidating subject, but one that deserves a bit of attention for the peace of mind that new parents require.  At White Lotus Home, we believe that cotton is the greatest sleeping surface money can buy... it is not only a natural and renewable resource that comes right from the earth, but it also provides excellent support. Its malleability is also an extremely feature as it can be stuffed into the casing to fill any space. It can also be packed very firmly into casing material to provide a very flat and smooth sleeping surface. These are important attributes in the construction of a quality crib.

The cases for our cribs are made with panels and boxed corners to ensure that the finished product will be exactly the size and shape we desire. Over the years, we have spent plenty of time calculating the exact measurements needed to ensure that even with all of the stuffing and sewing and quilting and TLC, it ends up being 28" x 54" x 3.5". The standard size for crib frames is 28" x 52". The difference in the size of the mattress ensures that it will fit snugly into place. This is extremely important; there cannot be any space between the crib frame and mattress for fear that the little tyke could get a hand or foot or stuffed animal friend stuck in there.

White Lotus Home cribs are overstuffed with layers and layers of high quality green cotton batting. Whereas a regular 6" corner futon would have 8 or 9 layers of cotton in it, a crib futon (which is only 3.5" thick) has 9 or 10. The crib mattress is then quilted by hand in a complex pattern; these mattresses receive far more attention and time than a standard mattress (Our regular Toddler Beds, which are the same measurements, have 8 quilts, and a crib mattress has 55).

These two factors combine to provide an extraordinarily firm and flat sleeping surface. This is very important to avoid 'aspiration' (choking in a pool of vomit).  A mattress that is puffy and lightly quilted will have larger divots where pools could form, or where a baby who could not lift its head could become trapped and suffocate.  Given babies' weak neck muscles, what looks like a harmless puff in a mattress or bedding could be very dangerous. White Lotus crib mattresses meticulous design prevents soft spots & pools from forming, creating a safe sleep environment for newborns.

In addition to superior design, our baby crib mattresses do not expose babies to the effects of off-gassing as only untreated, natrual fibers are used.  Conventional mattresses are made with foams and metals and all sorts of questionable additives and chemicals and things that have suffixes of -cides. We don't believe that these things are healthy, and we also believe in the possibility of them having an impact on the rate of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). There is a lot of research dedicated to this subject and we recommend everyone thoroughly researching this topic.

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