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The perfect complement to the Tummy Tub Baby Bath, the Tummy Tub Stand makes bathing baby very gentle on your back.  It doubles as an adjustable step stool and storage unit.  Kids love using it to reach the faucet, counter tops and book shelves.  Its safe, anti-skid feet prevent the stool from slipping out from under little feet.  Tummy Tub Stand is in compliance with all current safety standards as set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).  All products have been tested and approved by CPSC approved testing facilities.  View the Tummy Tub FAQ page for more info.  Made in Belgium.

- SAFBaby.com Excellence Award winner
- Durable materials & design
- All smooth edges
- Anti-skid base and low center of gravity prevent tub from tipping over
- Raises Tummy Tub to a comfortable sitting level & doubles as a stool with storage inside
- Developed and recommend by mothers, doctors & midwives
- Highest quality polypropylene (#5 plastic)
- Each Tummy Tub comes with a booklet and a CD-Rom of helpful videos
- Reusable & Recyclable
- Fully compliant with new CPSIA regulations
- TUV, BSI & ASTM tested and approved
- Meets the most stringent safety regulations worldwide
- Tummy Tub Stand/Step Stool is available in blue
- Purchase with Tummy Tub Baby Bath and get free shipping

** Available in contiguous USA only



The Premium Natural Sea Silk Sponge is the softest sponge in the world! Incredibly gentle and absorbent, it is the perfect choice for bathing newborns and babies. Hand picked for size and quality, the natural silk sponge creates a luxuriant lather with just a drop of baby wash or soap. Unlike synthetic sponges and washcloths, the sea sponge naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria and is sustainably harvested from a renewable resource.  Humans have been using sea sponges around the world for many centuries.  Package contains 1 sea sponge.

- 100% natural
- Renewable
- Biodegradable
- ultra soft bath sponge feels like silk when wet
- Super absorbent
- Very durable & long lasting
- Sustainably harvested from a renewable domestic source
- Measures approximately 4"
- Can be used as a facial or cosmetic sponge for adults
- Natural & safe alternative for baby’s sensitive skin
- Naturally inhibits bacteria growth

Please note: due to the organic nature of the sea sponge, each one will vary slightly in size, color, and shape.  Wash sponge with soap & water before first use.



Tummy Tub Awards:

The idea for the Tummy Tub came from a young mother, Anita Belderok, in the Netherlands.  Bathing babies in buckets had been endorsed by Dutch midwives and maternity nurses since the 1950's.  For Dutch midwives and maternity nurses this ‘bucket therapy’ was already common practice, as they had found out that newborns were much more comfortable being bathed in a bucket, than in the mini-size version of the adult bath.

Most babies have trouble adapting to their new world after being in mother’s womb for nine months.  Noise, bright lights, less control of movement due to gravity at full force, hunger, thirst, digestion of food and a sensation of being lost in space without physical support have to be coped with.  This causes a lot of uneasiness for newborn infants.  The resemblance of the mother’s womb in size, warmth all over the body, a sheltered environment, support from the sides and bottom, as well as sitting in a familiar fetal position quickly calms baby down.  Due to the smaller water surface, the water also stays warm longer.

The initial idea won ‘Dutch Idea of the year’ in 1993.  It was further developed and designed with the help of midwives, nurses, child psychologists, child physiotherapists, ob-gyns and pediatricians in the Netherlands to improve upon the initial idea and design of Tummy Tub. Because of the well hewn design, parents can hold baby with one hand and use the other to wash baby.  Naturally, Tummy Tub was designed with smooth edges and is made of the most baby friendly materials.  This is the reason why it has passed every safety regulation all over the world and comes out as ‘simply the best’ in every test against competitive products.  Not to mention it has been used in neonatal and maternity wards all over the world!  Therefore, Tummy Tub can truly claim to be second best (with mother's womb being the undisputed first).  Welcome to the world... nearly as nice as mommy’s tummy!

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