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Certified Organic Cotton Sateen
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The Tres Tria Natural Co Sleeper Pillow by Better for Babies (Little Beetle) is the key to a great night's sleep for baby & parents.  It cleverly moonlights as a body/pregnancy pillow, a two-kids-one-bed pillow, a reading pillow and an indispensable breast feeding pillow.  Tres Tria is so wonderfully soft and good feeling because the cotton is organic and the rubber is totally natural.  Sleeping with a little one in your bed couldn't be easier - Simply slip the Tres Tria Pillow under your fitted bottom sheet flush with the edge your mattress and voila! 

The Tres Tria Co-Sleeping Pillow is filled & finished in USA with a certified organic cotton cover imported from India.  The cotton used in our Tres Tria Co-Sleeping Pillow is certified organic and sustainable by Control Union Certifications & certified Fair Trade by Fair Trade Labeling Organization (FLO).  The rubber is certified all natural and additive free by eco-Umweltinstitut.

- Use as pregnancy pillow, body pillow, co-sleeping pillow, breast feeding pillow, bed separator, reading pillow...
- Flat on bottom and the perfect curve on top is ideal for co-sleeping
- Organic Cotton sateen cover zips on & off for easing cleaning
- Natural latex is mold resistant & petroleum free
- 100% natural latex holds its shape for many years to come
- Certified organic, natural & fair trade
- Satisfaction guaranteed
- Measures 36" L x 11" W x 5 1/2" H

*  Ships in the contiguous USA only


Our unbleached, organic cotton sateen cover is certified by Control Union Certifications & means no exposure to synthetic pesticides, commonly used in the production of conventional cotton.  The Tres Tria zip cover is removable & machine washable.   Our natural rubber bolster is 100% petroleum free (petroleum is used in foam sleeping products).  The additive free rubber in Tres Tria Pillows is certified Natural Latex Rubber by the eco-Umweltinstitut. This means it really is natural rubber, complete with natural rubber's superior qualities - it's breathable, mold resistant and holds its shape over time.

We are certified Fair Trade by the Fair Trade Labeling Organization (FLO).  That means you are helping parents in India send their kids to school, not to work in the fields. Fair Trade practices ensures that a decent wage is paid to farm workers with an additional premium for environmental and social projects.



To co-sleep (share your bed with an infant or toddler), simply slip it under your fitted bottom sheet flush with the edge of your mattress. The bolster's weight along with your sheet will hold Tres Tria in place.  There are a myriad of bed sharing philosophies, from the occasional few extra hours of morning sleep to breastfeeding.  A working nighttime sleep schedule may take some time to figure out.  The Tres Tria Pillow is an ideal product to suit the growing and changing needs of families trying to find harmony in their nighttime routines.

At 3 feet in length, the Tres Tria Pillow measures the same as standard co-sleeping cribs, but is compact and portable.  Even for occasional bed sharing, the Tres Tria is an excellent investment that will not simply become clutter after the infant years.

Body Pillow/Pregnancy Pillow
Sleeping can be surprisingly challenging during pregnancy. The Tres Tria Pillow helps ease nighttime discomfort.  Place it in front of your belly and use it to prop up a leg, keeping you securely in a side lying position.  Left side lying is recommended for relieving digestive discomfort and for lowering blood pressure.  Position the Tres Tria behind you to support sore hips and back.  You'll never sleep without it!  Treat yourself and make pregnancy easier for you and your baby.

Nursing Pillow
Use the Tres Tria to gently position your nursing baby during the night.  It eliminates the need for wedges and additional pillows to aid in breast feeding & gives you ultimate peace of mind.  Simplify your nighttime experience.

Toddler Bed
Toddlers are generally as active in their sleep as they are during their waking hours.  Use the Tres Tria on their little beds in the same way you would on a family bed.  Position the bolster under the edge of the fitted sheet and keep your active toddler gently & safely in place.  Treat your child to a cozy and safe alternative.

The Tres Tria is also super-portable and makes travelling much easier.  Sleeping arrangements are among the most unpredictable factors when travelling.  Siblings that don't usually sleep together are forced to do so, the hotel can't provide a bassinet leaving you to "create a bed," and the preggie mama ... she's usually crowded and uncomfortable!

Reading Pillow

Keep the Tres Tria handy for a comfy reading pillow and let your neck and shoulders relax for a fantastic read.  Don't be surprised to find another family member swiping the Tres Tria on a Sunday afternoon.  In short, the Tres Tria is simple, compact, natural, organic, biodegradable, and an unmatchable price.  Need we say more?

Satisfaction Guarantee

Whatever the sleeping/pregnancy/nursing situation, the Tres Tria can help make it easier on the whole family.  Review the product.  We think you will be satisfied.  If you are not happy, return it within 30 days of your purchase or the birth of your baby.

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