Lithophane Etched Porcelain Accent Lamp - Mermaids

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Made in USA


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Skilled artisans spend years honing their skills to create unparalleled works of art like this Mermaid Lithophane Etched Porcelain Accent Lamp.  First invented in France in 1827, Lithophanes are porcelain engravings that virtually come to life when illuminated.  A breathtaking picture in warm sepia emerges when light passes through the different thicknesses of a masterfully etched porcelain panel.  The illuminated artworks are so detailed with fine hairline etchings that some mistake them for photographs.  The soft warm light makes this lamp perfect for a child's room.

- Made in USA
- 4 Lithophane panels
- 6' cord
- 60W bulb included
- 13.25" H x 6" W

Allow 7-10 days for shipping.  Ships in the contiguous USA only

To create a lithopane, the design is first carved in wax on a light table.  A mold is made from the carvings and then porcelain is cast into the mold.  The set porcelain is finished by hand and high fired in a kiln to 2300 degrees Faranheit.  Next, each panel is inspected under a light.  The high temperature firing makes the porcelain non-porous, durable & beautifully translucent.  In 1982, a Southern California company brought this charming art form to the American market.

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