Early Morning Fire, Exceptional Service & a Very Happy Customer

July 3, 2009

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Early this morning, a fire in Seattle’s Fisher Plaza knocked our payment processing service offline for several hours.  We have no way of knowing which of our customers experienced difficulties, so we will take this opportunity to apologize to everyone that may have been affected.  The problem was fixed before most people had their first cup of coffee & is fully functional now.

The silver lining:  just as the West Coast was waking up to the news, our always-making-things-smooth web designer, Cicily of August Afternoon, contacted us to make arrangements for a back-up system.  No matter how deserving, Cicily is obviously not taking a long weekend and is hard at work, per usual.  I know that as a mother and a business owner, she has more than enough on her plate going into Fourth of July weekend.  But she still had the wherewithal early in the morning to contact us & get busy problem solving.  We couldn’t ask for better service.  Cicily, you are awesome!

Thank you,

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