Free HealthyChild Webinar: Easy Steps to a Safer Nursery

March 23, 2013

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Are you planning your baby’s nursery and want to find out how to make it as safe as possible?  Or do you already have baby’s nursery all set up and want to make sure it is as safe as can be?  Then register to join industry experts sharing the latest findings and simple tips to create a healthy nursery environment in a HealthyChild webinar.

The hour long Easy Steps to a Safer Nursery webinar will be held on Thursday April 4th at 2pm EST and registration is free and open to the public.  You can read more about the webinar by visiting the Events page at HealthyChild.  Registrants will be entered to win some great prizes after the webinar.

Visit HealthyChild’s Events page to read the bios of the experts in attendance:  Join Paul Bates (Program Manager, Training and Education Outreach, UL Environment), Melissa Moog (CEO, Itsabelly Baby Planners) and Jamie Grayson (TheBabyGuyNYC) to learn from the experts how to create a healthy baby nursery.

This webinar is a part of HealthyChild’s new Easy Steps “Healthy Nursery” Resource Center.  Visit the resource center to download or read online a tool kit, e-book, brochure & infographic.  While there, sign up to receive future event updates & stay informed.  See you there!

New Hannah Baby Moses Baskets

July 13, 2012

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We now have twelve new Hannah Baby Moses Baskets, two of which are certified organic.  Our best selling Plush Cream Organic Moses Basket is now available in Organic Sateen Cream with Satin Bows.  The unisex Hannah Baby Jelly Giraffe Moses Basket is made of 100% cotton, has an adorable giraffe print & sure to look good in any nursery.  Hannah Baby Chenille Moses Baskets are available in six colors and unlike synthetic chenille fabrics, these Moses baskets are made with 100% cotton.  All of the bedding in our Hannah Baby Moses Baskets are made in America.

Jelly Giraffe Moses Basket by Hannah Baby Castle Katie Moses Basket by Hannah Baby

Hannah Baby Moses Baskets are the only line of baby Moses baskets that offer a duvet style fitted mattress sheet that keeps it securely in place and cannot be pulled off by little fingers. The handles of the maize basket easily fold outside the basket to keep them safely out of baby’s reach.

Hannah Baby Moses Baskets are designed to fit the Rockers by Richard Moses basket stands.  Rockers by Richard makes the only solid wood (no plywood, no MDF, no veneers, no composite woods) Moses basket stands, also made in America.  Together, Hannah Baby & Rockers by Richard create the safest co sleeping environment for baby’s first few months.  As both lines are made in the US, some features may be customized; email us for more information.

What is QSWO (Quarter Sawn White Oak)?

May 11, 2012

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Most of our furniture is available in QSWO and we receive a lot of requests for information on the difference between quarter sawn white oak and regular red oak.  The most common oak lumber used in furniture building is plain sawn (or flat sawn) oak and all the boards have been cut straight across with the cut being parallel to the tree’s growth rings.  This method highlights the swirls, lines and grain of the wood.

Quarter Sawn & Plain Sawn Wood

Quarter sawn lumber is cut at right angles the growth rings and this results in medullary rays, sometimes called “ribbons” or “tiger stripes”.  Producing QSWO requires more time and skill than plain sawn oak and aside from being visually appealing, quarter sawn wood has some structural advantages.  As quarter sawing produces a straighter grain, it yields wood that is more stable in size & form (less susceptible to cracking, warping, bending) than plain sawn wood.  Quarter sawn wood actually stains more readily and resists liquids better than plain sawn wood.

Happy Mother’s Day 2012

May 8, 2012

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Mother’s Day is around the corner & that means is once again raising funds and awareness for We Care Solar.  As in the past years, we will donate 1% of our May sales to WCS.  This is the third year we are partnering with WCS but the founder, pediatrician Laura Stachel, has been at it since 2008.

The solar suitcase has saved the lives of countless mothers & babies in numerous countries.  In many underdeveloped countries, the inability to call a doctor can result in a tragic accident for a woman in labor and possibly for her baby, as well.  Dr. Satchel’s solar suitcase provides lighting, mobile communication and doubles as an ultrasound machine in communities where such equipment is nearly impossible to come by and electricity is unreliable.

Over the years, the solar suitcase has evolved; it was originally designed to support emergency obstetric care, but can now be used in a range of medical and humanitarian settings.  We Care Solar welcomes donations in any amount and we encourage you to consider making a gift to this great cause.

We Care Solar Medical Suitcase

Free Naturepedic Mattresses for Hospital Nurseries

July 26, 2011

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There are so many reasons to love Naturepedic mattresses, America’s most trusted brand of organic cotton mattresses.  All of their certified organic cotton baby mattresses & bedding, as well as children’s mattresses & bedding, are made in the USA of materials also made or grown in the USA.  Naturepedic mattresses are 100% free of vinyl (PVC, including phthalates), toxic fire retardants and polyurethane foam, materials typically used in conventional mattresses.

Given how susceptible newborns are to the harmful effects of synthetic fire retardants and how much time they spend on a mattress, creating a natural, healthy sleep environment is imperative.  Naturepedic mattresses have been tested for chemical emissions and certified by GreenGuard to meet their strict standards for babies & children.  Their baby crib mattresses have a firm flat surface to provide ideal support in accordance with pediatrician and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) firmness recommendations.

Baby Sleeping on Certified Organic Cotton Crib Mattress

Naturepedic is certified as an organic mattress manufacturer under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Independent third party inspections, analysis & certification of Naturepedic’s factory are provided by the Oregon Tilth, USA’s largest certifier of organic non-food products.  Naturepedic is the only baby mattresses/pads recommend by Healthy Child Healthy World. Naturepedic mattresses & bedding are also SAFBaby approved.

Healthy Child Healthy World - Naturepedic Organic Cotton Mattresses GreenGuard Air Quality Certification - Naturepedic Organic Cotton Mattresses Global Organic Textile Standard Certification - Naturepedic Organic Cotton Mattresses Mom Approved Child Tested Excellence Award - Naturepedic Organic Cotton Mattresses

Now there is another great reason to love Naturepedic mattresses.  To give newborns a health start, Healthy Child Healthy World is giving free GreenGuard certified Naturepedic baby mattresses/pads to hospitals that have baby nurseries, birthing rooms, NICU, or other related hospital facilities.  For more information, contact Gloria at

Happy Mother’s Day!

May 3, 2011

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We’re celebrating Mother’s Day all through the month of May & donating 1% of the month’s sales to We Care Solar.  WCS is a non profit organization started by a pediatrician, Dr. Laura Stachel.  In 2008 she was observing a hospital in Nigeria as part of her work in maternal child health.  The electricity went out and a C-section that was already in progress had to be completed with the aid of flashlights.

Dr. Stachel noted that in some cases, women were bleeding to death during child birth simply because there were no phones with which to summon a doctor.  Worldwide, maternal mortality accounts for more than half a million deaths a year, nearly all of those deaths occur in underdeveloped countries.

Dr. Laura Stachel of We Care Solar with the Solar Suitcase


Dr. Stachel shared her frustration with her husband and together they created a “solar suitcase” she could take on the road with her.  Once back in Nigeria, Statchel’s “solar suitcase” was being used to power LED lights & walkie talkies as well as ultrasound machines.  As the word spread, other hospitals began submitting their requests for the solar energy kits.

This growing demand and the need to meet it gave rise to  So far, the “solar suitcase” has helped people in Haiti, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Thailand, Burma, Tibet & India.  We encourage all our friends to join us in making a donation to this very worthy cause.

We Care Solar Logo

Free Crib Mattress or $100 off Indiana Amish Baby Cribs

April 3, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Baby Eco Trends @ 12:01 pm sells more baby cribs in April than any other month.  So we thought this would be a great time to offer our customers their choice of a free Naturepdic Baby Crib Mattress or $100 off the purchase price of any Indiana Amish 4 in 1 Convertible Baby Crib, our best selling cribs.

If you choose the free mattress, you can get either the Naturepedic Lightweight Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress or the Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic 150 Traditional Crib Mattress.  Both mattresses are made of 100% certified organic cotton & offer the firm support baby crib mattresses require.  However, the Lightweight Crib Mattress weighs about half as much as the Classic 150 Crib Mattress, which makes changing the sheets a real breeze.

Whether you opt for the $100 discount or a free crib mattress, either offer makes this a good time to invest in an Indiana Amish Convertible Baby Crib.  At checkout, use the following Promotional Codes:

Free Naturepedic Baby Crib Mattress Promo Code:  “IACNB”
$100 off the purchase of an Amish Crib Promo Code:  “IAC100B”

To let us know which Naturepedic crib mattress you’d like, enter your preference in the “Comments” section at checkout or email us at & we’ll take care of the rest.  Offers expire Sunday April 30, 2011.

Our Customers Say….

January 26, 2011

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Thanks to our loyal customers, we have reached our fourth calendar year as an online retailer.  Our website is not set up to record customer feedback but we get emails and letters from our customers letting us know how we’re doing.  So we thought we’d share some of their words with you:

“Your customer service has been amazing!! Thanks so much! :)”
EM, Alabama

“Thank you so much! You guys are great!”
SB, Wisconsin

“Everything is lovely. Thanks so much.”
FR, New York

“I received the rocking horse yesterday and it absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for making this happen and for your continual concern. I appreciate your help very much… I look forward to calling you again for more rocking horses…. (when I get more Grandchildren!)”
SM, Washington

“I received the replacement part and it is in good shape. Thanks for letting me know that I do not have to mail the damaged part back and for assisting me in obtaining a replacement part. You have excellent customer service.”
JM, New York

“Our daughter LOVES her toy oven! We love it! I have to say you are such an amazing company. Your correspondence and customer service went above and beyond! Everything about the oven is great! Thank you so much! We will definitely keep you in mind when ordering products in the future.”
CR, California

“Thank you so much for the update. I appreciate knowing where the crib is in the process. I am so excited!! Thank you again for keeping us updated.”
TG, Washington

“Thank you so much! I’m very excited, because we’re waiting for it to arrive to feed our baby solid food for the first time! And thank you for the speedy shipment of the giraffe teether. She loved it right away.”
LH, California

“Please accept my sincere thanks for the beautiful chairs! They are lovely. Please tell the builder that we are very pleased. Your updates during the process made all the difference in my comfort level. You have great customer service. Our Granddaughter used the chair on Saturday and we all loved it!”
EB, Arizona

“Thanks so much!  wow that was fast shipping!”
AP, California

“Thank you for your quick answer. Thank you for your attentive attitude!”
AS, Florida

“thank you we got the bookcase and it looks great! thanks again for all your help and communication”
KP, California

“Wow!  Thank you very much!  =)”
LB, Oregon

“Thank you for all your help. I am really excited- it is by far the prettiest green baby furniture I found. It is really beautiful! Thank you for all your help”
MG, New Hampshire

“I received my order today.  Everything looks great.  Thank you for sending it so quickly!”
HG, Maine

“I love your store. Thank you for such fast shipping.”
YR, New Jersey

“Thank you very much for the superb customer service! I appreciate your quick response.”
KT, Ontario

“Thank you so much, again, for your help! We really enjoy doing business with you!”
KG, North Carolina

“Thank you very much! You have been of great help to us.”
RS, Florida

“Thank you so much! Rarely do you meet with such good customer service and kindness.”
EP, Kentucky

“Thanks so much for such a quick reply. I certainly didn’t expect a response so soon! Again, thanks for your help today. It’s been a pleasure doing business with Baby Eco Trends.”
EO, New Mexico

“Thank you so much for all of your help! We loooove it!”
LP, North Carolina

“Thank you so much. It’s nice to be able to support a US-made eco-friendly crib”
LF, Oregon

“All I can say is WOW. It is beautiful.  The color of the stain was a little darker and not so much red as I was expecting but this is perfect.  It goes perfectly with the bedding that I picked out and the other colors of the room we are working on.  When he started unwrapping it I even teared up (yes-probably the hormones as I am not a crier) but it was way more than I expected.  We love it.    My husband was totally impressed with the wood and how nicely it the color and finish turned out.  I admit, he was skeptical of an online store for the furniture since we have a lot of Amish around us but we are very happy with the work and especially the wood.  I am going to send you a picture when we get it all put together.  Thank you so much!”
JC, Wisconsin

“Thank you! We will be sure to shop with Baby Eco Trends again.”
HD, Maryland

“I just wanted to let you know that everything went smoothly with the delivery yesterday, and we love the dresser.  It is just the look we had been wanting, and the fact that it is made responsibly with eco-friendly materials is wonderful. Again, we could not be more happy with the dresser; it is the perfect size and looks great.  At some point I will try to snap a photo of it for you. Thanks so much for all your help!”
JT, Illinois

“You won’t believe it – the package came in last evening already. We are totally happy. Thank you! Thanks again for you immense help.”
HS, Florida

“We love everything.  Thanks so much.  Do you have an email list that you send out info when you get new things in?  If so please include me.  Have a great weekend and thanks for the great customer service.  It’s much appreciated!”
SK, California

“I just wanted to say thank you for the very fast shipment!  I wasn’t expecting it that quick and I love the samples inside!”
LP, Florida

“I’ve just got my package and my sister was SUPER excited to get the baby wrap. She loved it. Thank you again very much!!”
YM, Florida

“Thank you for your quick shipping.  Thank you, also, for your excellent customer service.  I will be sure to mention your website to other expecting mothers I know.”
HW, South Carolina

“I received the potty chair and it is absolutely perfect.”
CG, Colorado is now Green America Certified

September 12, 2010

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We are so happy about becoming Green America certified as it is a reflection of our commitment to environmentally & socially responsible practices.  Green America is a not-for-profit membership organization that has been working to channel the economic strength of consumers, investors & businesses to create socially & environmentally sustainable societies since 1982.

Green America is a great source for useful information about making smart buying decisions and has compiled a directory of green businesses.  Their list of certified green businesses includes famous names like Earth Mama Angel Baby, Gaiam, Honest Tea, Patagonia, Seventh Generation among others.  But there are countless small green businesses such as Your Home Your World, Green Field Paper Company, Alter Eco, Purple Mountain Organics as well as many more that offer unique green shopping opportunities.

There are more categories than we can mention here, so you’ll have to visit their site to see the full list that includes businesses offering a wide range of goods & services such as architects, baby products, bed & breakfast, clothing, financial services, gardening supplies, travel agents.

We currently offer a handful of products  made by other Green America certified businesses.  The Tres Tria Organic Cotton Co-Sleeping Pillow, Little Beetles organic prefolds, Holy Lamb Organics bedding (aka, Cozy Buns) & Naturepedic bedding & mattresses are all Green America certified.  Look for our selection of GA certified products to grow as we continue to network with other socially & environmentally conscious businesses.

Opportunities Hidden in Plain View

August 29, 2010

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There is no shortage of gloomy economic news & tear jerking accounts of personal financial turmoil.  These stories have to be told, but occasionally hearing an upbeat story can be refreshing and inspiring.  Accounts of people finding ways to counter the effects of an economic downturn may be in short supply but they are out there.

Some people have started businesses directly in response to the foreclosure crisis, some have started money making projects in an attempt to learn about money basics, others found ways to recover from hurricane Katrina & some are working at home doing jobs that would otherwise be outsourced overseas.  These stories feature creative money making ventures (big & small) but they also serve as a reminder that there are non conventional answers to common problems.

The story of the Cornbread Millionaire had us cheering Beverly Davis on in her attempt to repurchase her foreclosed house.  Earlier this year her house went into foreclosure & she decided to raise money to buy it back at an auction.  She took her grandmother’s cornbread recipe & made a business out of it, one that will hopefully put her back in her home.  I can’t think of a better reason to start a business.

Mike Lane wanted his daughters Megan & Emma, 10 & 12 respectively, to learn the value of money & the basics of money management.  So the two girls decided to rent out their 106sf tree house for a few months during the summer to seasonal employees working in and around California’s Sequoia National Forest.  Check out their story at Marketplace Money and see the slide show of their tree house.  Who says money doesn’t grow on trees?

Before hurricane Katrina, Jerome Boykin had plans to go to graduate school but the storm changed all that.  One night after the storm, his father took him to a mall parking lot & showed him a sweeper truck and asked if he would be interested in a lot sweeping business.  With no previous experience, Jerome learned to operated the sweeper truck & is now running a successful business that has provided jobs and helped numerous businesses in 8 parishes in Southeastern Louisiana.  No telling how many people drove past that same parking lot & sweeper truck without seeing what Jerome and his father saw.

Although not a new small business, there are some customer service call centers that are bringing jobs back to the US.  Calls that were for many years answered overseas are increasingly being taken by Americans working from home.  This new arrangement is good for businesses that are seeing the costs of operating overseas skyrocketing.  It’s also good for Americans that due to illness or family responsibilities prefer to work from home.  One of the best known companies offering such “home sourcing” opportunities is Alpine Access & there are an estimated 60,000 Americans taking customer service calls at home.

One of this country’s greatest strengths is the abundance of opportunities available to all of us to create our own success stories. We are surrounded by exciting possibilities waiting to be recognized.

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