New Hannah Baby Moses Baskets

July 13, 2012

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We now have twelve new Hannah Baby Moses Baskets, two of which are certified organic.  Our best selling Plush Cream Organic Moses Basket is now available in Organic Sateen Cream with Satin Bows.  The unisex Hannah Baby Jelly Giraffe Moses Basket is made of 100% cotton, has an adorable giraffe print & sure to look good in any nursery.  Hannah Baby Chenille Moses Baskets are available in six colors and unlike synthetic chenille fabrics, these Moses baskets are made with 100% cotton.  All of the bedding in our Hannah Baby Moses Baskets are made in America.

Jelly Giraffe Moses Basket by Hannah Baby Castle Katie Moses Basket by Hannah Baby

Hannah Baby Moses Baskets are the only line of baby Moses baskets that offer a duvet style fitted mattress sheet that keeps it securely in place and cannot be pulled off by little fingers. The handles of the maize basket easily fold outside the basket to keep them safely out of baby’s reach.

Hannah Baby Moses Baskets are designed to fit the Rockers by Richard Moses basket stands.  Rockers by Richard makes the only solid wood (no plywood, no MDF, no veneers, no composite woods) Moses basket stands, also made in America.  Together, Hannah Baby & Rockers by Richard create the safest co sleeping environment for baby’s first few months.  As both lines are made in the US, some features may be customized; email us for more information.

More Petit Collage Artwork

October 13, 2011

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This fall has brought many new Petit Collage items and that makes it easier than ever to create a fun, engaging baby’s nursery.  Their artwork easily mixes & matches to make exceptionally well curated collections.  With so many options among mobiles, posters, wall decals, prints on wood and acrylic mirrors, you can quickly & easily put together a theme or opt for an eclectic collection.

USA Made Petit Collage Tree Print on FSC Certified Wood USA Made Petit Collage Tree Growth Fabric Wall Decals USA Made Petit Collage Summer Garden Fabric Wall Decals USA Made Petit Collage Bird Family on Jumbo FSC Certified Wood Panel

USA Made Petit Collage Bird Mirror USA Made Petit Collage Bamboo Bird Trio Mobile USA Made Petit Collage Deluxe Blue Bird Mobile USA Made Petit Collage Deluxe Red Bird Mobile

USA Made Petit Collage Love Birds Wood Collage USA Made Petit Collage Baby Bird & Mommy Wood Collage USA Made Petit Collage Bird Flowers FSC Certified Wood Collage USA Made Petit Collage Bird Balloons FSC Certified Wood Collage

USA Made Petit Collage Bear with Baby Print on FSC Certified Wood USA Made Petit Collage Fox with Baby Print on FSC Certified Wood USA Made Petit Collage Owl Family Bamboo Mobile USA Made Petit Collage Forest Friends Bamboo Mobile

USA Made Petit Collage Squirell with Baby FSC Certified Wood Collage USA Made Petit Collage Blue Owl Family FSC Certified Wood Collage USA Made Petit Collage Owl with Baby FSC Certified Wood Collage USA Made Petit Collage Owl Family Fabric Wall Decals

USA Made Petit Collage Giraffe with Baby Print on FSC Certified Wood USA Made Petit Collage Animal Tower Print on FSC Certified Wood USA Made Petit Collage Swinging Monkeys Print on FSC Certified Wood USA Made Petit Collage Elephant with Baby Print on FSC Certified Wood

USA Made Petit Collage Giraffe with Baby Collage on FSC Certified Wood USA Made Petit Collage Giraffe Mirror & Growth Chart USA Made Petit Collage Jungle Friends Bamboo Mobile USA Made Petit Collage Orange Animal Poster

USA Made Petit Collage Elephant Mirro USA Made Petit Collage Elephant Fabric Wall Decals USA Made Petit Collage Elephant Collage on FSC Certified Wood USA Made Petit Collage Elephant Family Jumbo Print on FSC Certified Wood


We could go on like this with a few more themes but you get the idea – let your inspiration guide you.

Petit Collage Artwork

July 5, 2011

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Petit Collage bamboo mobiles are one of our most popular items & now that they are fully assembled & ready to hang, we think they will be even more popular.  Available in 8 different motifs, each formaldehyde free bamboo mobile is made from sustainably harvested bamboo that is laser cut & then fully assembled by a San Francisco non-profit that employs adults with disabilities.  Each bamboo mobile arrives in a gift box that makes it ready for any gift-giving occasion.

Petit Collage Blue Elephants Bamboo Mobile Petit Collage Blue Elephants Bamboo Mobile Boxed Petit Collage Bamboo Mobiles Boxed


Petit Collage is also recognized for its eye catching waterproof, non rip fabric decals.  They stick to flat, non porous surfaces & can be removed and reused over and over without losing their stickiness.  Free of vinyl, Petit Collage wall decals do not wrinkle are lead free, phthalate free and biodegradable.

Want to hang a mirror in baby’s room but not sure if a glass mirror is a good idea in a baby’s nursery? How about a shatter proof acrylic mirror? Choose from Petit Collage’s Giraffe Mirror (which doubles as a Growth Chart), Bird Mirror or Elephant Mirror. Baby can still wonder at & play with her reflection without risk of injury.

ABC Posters are a fun & decorative way to introduce young minds to the alphabet.  Each Petit Collage ABC poster is printed with soy ink on recycled stock paper.  Available unframed (fits a standard frame) or framed in a handcrafted, Northwestern Maple frame that includes a dustcover, wire hanger & felt bumpers.  The optional frame features shatter proof acrylic, instead of glass, making it ideal for a child’s bedroom.


Petit Collage ABC Poster - Made in USA Petit Collage ABC Poster - Made in USA

Perhaps the most recognizable Petit Collage pieces are the Limited Edition Collage on Wood wall hangings.  No two collages are the same, as each collage is made of found, vintage & painted papers.  Shapes are hand cut and applied to FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) Certified formaldehyde free maple with non toxic adhesives.  Then, each collage is sealed in a non toxic, water based finish with a glossy UV coat.  Collages are a limited variee of 50 & signed by artist Lorena Siminovich, pre-drilled in the back & ready to hang and enjoy.


Petit Collage Limited Edition Collages - Made in USA Petit Collage Limited Edition Collages - Made in USA Petit Collage Limited Edition Collages - Made in USA Petit Collage Limited Edition Collages - Made in USA

If you’re inspired to try your hand at making collages, watch Lorena on the Martha Stewart show to learn how.

Bunk Beds That Have Never Been Recalled

May 7, 2011

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On Friday, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) & Dorel Asia recalled to repair bunk beds due to collapse & fall hazards after receiving reports of side rails cracking or breaking.  The bunk beds were made in Vietnam & sold through Walmart, Kmart & Target from 2004 to 2009 for about $190.  You can read the details here.

The pictures look nice & that price tag seems unbeatable.  But we can’t help think “If it sounds too good to be true, it is”.  How can a wooden bunk bed (two twin beds) traveling 6000-8000 miles or more retail for under $200?  After the material, labor, transportation/distribution & import costs are calculated, isn’t is safe to assume they would total more than $200 wholesale, not to mention the retail cost?  The logical conclusion is that a lot of short cuts are taken along the way and that’s what keeps the CPSC busy issuing recalls.

Like our solid wood baby cribs & furniture, all of our bunk beds, twin beds & children’s case goods are made in the USA.  All pieces in Baby Eco Trends baby & children’s furniture collections are bench crafted by expert builders.  Our furniture builders do not simply nail pieces together, but rather use joinery that requires true craftsmanship.  Each piece is fully inspected by the shop owner before it is approved for shipping.

Solid Wood Joinery Solid Wood Dovetail Joinery Solid Wood Dovetail Drawer Detail

The materials used in our solid wood baby furniture, bunk beds, twin beds & children’s case goods are sourced in the USA from responsibly managed forests.  The glues & adhesives are non toxic, formaldehyde free & water based; water based paints are available and stains are the lowest VOC available.

Our furniture builders do not count on mass production & volume sales but rather satisfied customers that refer family & friends.  They take great pride in adhering to old fashioned woodworking techniques & standards and build their furniture to last several lifetimes.  Baby Eco Trends baby furniture & children’s furniture is made of the highest quality materials available and have never been subject to recalls.  When you see the quality for yourself, it becomes obvious why.

Hoohobbers Baby Gear is Here

May 2, 2011

Filed under: Product Reviews — Baby Eco Trends @ 3:14 pm has recently partnered with Hoohobbers to bring you award winning baby gear.  Hoohobbers has been making baby & toddler products in Chicago since 1981 and is one of America’s most trusted manufacturers.  They make basic essentials such as Hoohobbers Moses Baskets & Hoohobbers Baby Rockers that are available in a wide range of prints and all items can be personalized.

The Hoohobbers Moses Basket is a must-have for those first few months when you want to keep baby at your side.  The bedding is machine washable; simply remove bumper inserts & machine wash on gentle cycle.  Each Moses Basket includes bumpers, cushion with sheet and a double sided blanket (designer fabric back with double knapped 100% cotton flannel).  Hoohobber Baby Moses Baskets can be personalized with embroidery centered across a corner of the baby blanket.  The Hoohobbers Moses Basket can be used by itself or placed on the Hoohobbers Moses Basket Rocking Stand, available in three colors.

Hoohobbers China Doll Moses Basket Hoohobbers Moses Basket Rocking Stand in Oak Hoohobbers Moses Basket & Cherry Rocking Stand

The Hoohobbers Baby Rocker is a comfortable baby seat that soothes baby with a gentle rocking motion.  Very lightweight, it folds flat to allow for easy storage and can be toted around when you’re on the go (image #1).  The Baby Rocker features a removable hood that is great for use outdoors (image #2).  With turn-down feet, you decide the amount of rocking motion (image #3).  Foot pads under the front of baby rocker prevents it from rocking too far forward (image #4).  The frame is made of recyclable, virtually indestructible solid polypropylene, aka #5 plastic.  Hoohobbers Baby Rockers can be used indoors & outdoors.

Hoohobbers products are made in the USA, have never been subject to consumer recalls & have been won the Parent’s Choice Award as well as the “Best Design” Awards from America’s Juvenile Products Association.
Hoohobbers Baby Rocking Seat Features

Baby in Hoohobbers Rocking Seat Indoors Baby in Hoohobbers Baby Rocking Seat Outdoors

To view a video of the Hoohobbers Moses Basket click here or to see a video of the Hoohobbers Baby Rocker click here.

Growing Amish Furniture Collection

April 15, 2011

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We recently returned from a furniture show that our favorite crib builder attends.  The show seems to grow larger & larger every year; even so, our crib builder stands out from the crowd with his unique designs & exceptional workmanship.  This year, he added a French Country 3 Drawer 1 Door Dresser/Baby Changer to compliment one of our best-selling baby cribs, the French Country Slats Crib.

Designed to complement any of our Indiana Amish Dressers/Baby Changers, a Baby Changing Tray converts a dresser into a baby changer during the time baby is in diapers.  Later, removing the Baby Changing Tray makes it a dresser fit for any bedroom in the house.  We offer a substantial savings on French Country dressers purchased with the matching French Country Slats Crib or the French Country Panel Crib.


Amish French Country 3 Drawer 1 Door Dresser/Baby Changer Amish French Country 3 Drawer 1 Door Dresser/Baby Changer wth Open Door

As with all of our heirloom Amish baby furniture, the Baby Changing Tray has dovetailed corners, they are not simply nailed together as in lower quality furniture.  The bottom of the baby changing tray has felt protection pads that prevent the dresser from becoming scratched.  Each Changing Tray comes equipped with brackets that fasten to the back of the dresser/baby changer to securely hold it in place.

Amish Baby Changing Tray Back —–Amish Baby Changing Tray

The newest addition to our collection of Indiana Amish baby cribs, the Trinity Convertible Crib, has more detailed design features than commonly found in Amish crib furniture.  The back side of the crib (which later becomes the headboard of the full bed) has four, symmetrical raised panels just below a rope twist that runs the length of the back.  The rope twist is repeated on the front rails (which later become the footboard of the full bed).  The legs have a routered edge that runs two thirds of the leg length with two horizontal grooves at the foot of the posts.

Amish Trinity Crib Rope Twist Detail Amish Trinity Drawer Front Detail Amish Trinity Leg Detail

Trinity case goods have an arched lower case with flat panels on the sides.  The drawers are made of dovetailed boxes with Euro-glide drawer slides; the drawer fronts have an extra routered design around the outside edge.  The tops have a roundover edge and the legs feature a routered edge with two horizontal grooves, as does the crib.  The backs & drawer bottoms of all our Indiana Amish baby case goods is made of Formaldehyde Free PureBond plywood that is CARB1 & CARB2 compliant.  Using CARB compliant plywood is one of the many ways our crib builder goes above & beyond the federal regulations that crib manufacturers must adhere to.  All case goods can be built with solid wood backs & drawer bottoms upon request.

Lastly, the newest item in our Indiana Amish collection is the McCoy Day Bed.  The McCoy crib is our top selling crib & after numerous requests for a day bed that incorporates the attractive features of the McCoy design, our crib builder obliged.  The McCoy collection has beveled edge tops with angled leg that gets wider and farther apart at the base.  All pieces feature mortise and tenon construction with an exposed joinery echo.

Amish McCoy Day Bed Amish McCoy Day Bed

Goose Creek Precision Engineered Riding Rockers

October 15, 2010

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We were so delighted when we came across Goose Creek’s heirloom quality Riding Rockers.  Not only are they made entirely in the USA (with locally source materials) but each one of these beauties is built by hand from beginning to end, resulting in a riding toy that is literally engineered for security & durability.

Goose Creek is an Indiana based, family owned toy company that designs and builds unique eco friendly wooden toys fit to hand down through the generations.  Each toy comes with a dated, serialized plaque as well as a personalized dedication plaque.  Read on to find out who builds these treasures & what makes them so special.

Fred Stave, Founder of Goose Creek Fred Stave, Goose Creek Founder
Fred worked as a research & products development engineer and design manager at RCA Corporation. In 1985, he co-founded a small medical device company and created a tool utilized in cataract eye surgery. For the remainder of his engineering career, Fred directed a global group of applied research engineers at Whirlpool Corporation.  After retiring, Fred began thinking about building a keepsake for his grandchildren. In 2000, after attending a woodworking show, the idea was born… make each grandchild a one-of-a-kind rocking horse that would be of heirloom quality that would remain in the family to be passed on from generation to generation.

Fred and his wife Sondra are the parents of two boys & two girls and one grandson and 3 granddaughters. They live on 150 hilly wooded acres on Goose Creek Bay which connects to the Ohio River with their 3 Cocker Spaniels. With most of his time spent in the workshop designing and building these beautiful one-of-a-kind Riding Rockers, Fred delights in being a true perfectionist and making sure that every detail is exactly how it should be.

Pat Holcomb, Goose Creek Artist
Pat brings artistic design to Goose Creek Enterprises. Fred and Pat initially collaborated on the animal design for the “pig” and it was so successful it has now flourished to all the animals in the Goose Creek collection.  Pat was in the military for 3 years as a Biomedical Equipment Technician where she met her husband and they now have have two boys and they are the grandparents of two more boys.  Currently Pat is the director of her own boarding kennel & is involved in animal rescue, enjoys photography, gardening and home improvement projects.

Q: What is the recommended child age for the Goose Creek Riding Rockers?
A: We have found that the youngest is approximately 2 years old; as with any riding toy, adult supervision is recommended. We have seen “big kids” get on & ride ranging in age from teens to 60’s, weighing upwards of 250 pounds.

Q: How safe are your Riding Rockers for my child?
A: Very safe! The Riding Rocker’s creator, Fred Stave, has spent most of his professional career concerned with product design and development of consumer products and as such is very sensitive to safety issues. A component of Goose Creek’s “Precision Engineered Craftsmanship” is taking safety into account and doing everything possible to make the Riding Rockers safe. For example, the rocker ends are formed so that the rocker cannot be rocked too high and tip over.  All joints have at least two fastening mentods holding them together such as screw & glue or peg & glue. Furthermore, mortise and tenon joints combined with glue and screw joining is utilized on the rocker cross pieces for ultimate durability & security.  All rockers meet the current Consumer Product Safety Act.

Q: Once I order a Riding Rocker, how long will it take to arrive?
A: This depends on the complexity of the Riding Rocker ordered and stock status.
. Standard Designs: 4-6 weeks
. Personalized Designs: 5-6 weeks
. Exclusively Designed by Pat: 6-8 weeks
. Custom Designs: 6-8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design

Q: How do you ship the Riding Rockers?
A: Riding Rockers are shipped by FedEx Ground (no PO Boxes). The owner spend a lot of time at a FedEx shipping center to create the perfect shipping method. The Riding Rockers are secured to a wooden frame that is attached to a double wall corrugated box.  During lab testing, the boxed toys were dropped from a 30” height on bottom, top, corners and edges and then vibrated for over 12 hours on a huge vibration table to ensure your Riding Rocker arrives in perfect shape.

Q: How much will shipping cost me?
A: There is no additional charge for shipping. We offer free shipping to any address in the continental USA.


Q: Can you design ANY kind of “rider” for my child or are there specific ones to choose from?
A: There are many standard designs to choose from, but Goose Creek Enterprises can design and build virtually any kind of Riding Rocker. Email us your idea and we can work with you to create your custom design.

Q: What about the paint designs and color?
A: Within reason, Goose Creek Enterprises can meet the needs of any color scheme and design.

Q: What is the finishing process?
A: Five coats of final finish are applied to the natural wood Riding Rockers. It is a very specific combination of traditional tung oil in a modern tough surface polyurethane mixture; once this is dried, it is inert & no off-gassing occurs. The final finish on the painted versions however, utilize a water-based, very clear and transparent mixture, so that the colors intended by the artist will shine through. All paints and finishes are child-safe, lead-free and non-toxic & all final sanding and finishing is done 100% by hand.

Q: What kind of wood goes into your Rockers?
A: Only locally harvested and processed highest quality Indiana hardwoods of Walnut, Ash, Cherry and Red Oak are utilized for strength, durability and beauty. All materials are grown or manufactured in the USA.

Q: Do you have a guarantee? What happens if something were to break on my Riding Rocker?
A: The guarantee is quite simple – if it breaks, we will repair or replace it at our option.

Q: What is the expected life of the Riding Rockers?
A: The Riding Rockers are expected to live for many, many years. They are built to last for generations.

Q: What is “Handcrafted Heirloom Quality”?
A: The dictionary definition of heirloom is “possession kept in family”. To Goose Creek Enterprises it means that with reasonable care, the Riding Rocker will continue to perform as new and continue to look attractive and in the case of some natural woods will improve its look with age. During the time interval the child outgrows the Riding Rocker and the next generation comes along, the Riding Rocker is intended to look so good that it will not go into storage but rather could be used as a room accent piece.

Q: What is “Precision Engineered Craftsmanship”?
A: Goose Creek Enterprises’ definition of “Precision Engineered Craftsmanship” is combining the old world skill of the wood trades with the modern design engineering skills and the utilization of modern materials. For example, creator Fred Stave, used engineering calculations and strength of materials information to design and confirm the strength of the many joints in the Rocking Riders. This is when he concluded that many of the critical joints, especially where safety was involved, need more than one joining technique to be utilized. Modern glues and surface finishes are more resilient and tougher while providing a longer life than the comparable glues and finishes utilized in the past. This is exemplified in the five coats of final finish on the natural wood Riding Rockers. It is a very specific combination of traditional tung oil in a modern tough surface polyurethane mixture. The final finish on the painted versions however, utilize a water-based, very clear and transparent mixture, so that the colors intended by the artist will shine through.

Q: Where does the name Goose Creek come from?
A: The name Goose Creek comes from a small tributary of the Ohio River that runs through a portion of the 150 acres that make up the home of Goose Creek Enterprises.

Lalapanzi Beds for the Traveling Baby

October 13, 2010

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Lalapanzi is Zulu word that translates into “a place to sleep”. Tribal women worldwide go about their daily chores with grace and dignity with their young children always close by.  The Lalapanzi Bed was inspired & designed with every parent’s desire for closeness in mind. It is not easy to travel with infants because they sleep best in their own beds and unfamiliar surrounding can be unsettling. Yet long distance travel is often an inevitable part of modern life & there is no better way for families to connect than sharing the unique joys that a newborn child brings.

Founded by two South African mothers, careful consideration was given to every aspect when designing the Lalapanzi Travel Beds. Made of natural & organic cotton Lalapanzi Beds are ultra soft, durable and easy to clean. The result is a natural sleep & play environment that is truly practical and comforting to babies. This portable bed fits in standard cribs & is the ideal co-sleeping solution.

Lalapanzi is dedicated to excellence. All beds are handmade in the USA – each one uniquely different from the next. Each product is inspected by the owners of and carries their stamp of perfection.   Cotton Lalapanzi Beds are available in solids & beautiful prints & all are machine washable.

bumGenius AIO & One Size Cloth Diapers

December 14, 2009

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bumGenius is one of our best selling diapers and we often get questions about the differences between the bumGenius All-in-One, 3.0 One Size & the Organic 3.0 One Size.  So, here we have highlighted the differences between the three style of bumGenius cloth diapers along with some detailed images.  All 3 different cloth diapering systems come complete with inserts & covers.  Whether you buy the AIO, One Size or Organic One Size, you get a complete diaper.


The bumGenius All-in-One diapers (pictured in Moonbeam) have sewn-in absorbent layers with velcro closure tabs (with a little stretch for the prefect fit) and are the closest thing to a disposable diaper.  Sewn-in soft loop side velcro squares hold the velcro closure tabs in place during laundering.  All sizes (except the Extra Small) feature a pocket that can be used for additional diaper inserts for heavy wetters or overnight use.  It is a very simple system, favored by grandparents & day care centers because of ease of use.

Bulk discount for bumGenius Deluxe All-in-One Cloth Diapers:
$92.70 for 6
$179.40 for 12

Note:  For maximum discount, choose total desired quantity in one color & make note of color preferences in ‘Comments’ section at checkout.

The bumGenius 3.0 One Size (pictured in Zinnia) comes with two inserts that can be used individually or together for extra absorbency.  Included inserts fit snuggly into the diaper cover slot and are removed before laundering.  One Size diapers also feature stretchy velcro closure tabs for a perfect fit every time.  Sewn-in soft loop side velcro squares hold the velcro closure tabs in place during laundering.  Snaps in front adjust diaper to different sizes, fitting baby from 7-35lbs.

Bulk discount for bumGenius One Size Cloth Diapers:
$53.10 for 3
$104.70 for 6
$203.40 for 12

Note:  For maximum discount, choose total desired quantity in one color & make note of color preferences in ‘Comments’ section at checkout.

The bumGenius Organic 3.0 One Size (pictured in Ribbit) is the ultimate in comfort & luxury in a baby cloth diaper.  It features stretchy tabs with snap closures and 100% certified organic unbleached cotton super soft inserts.  The inserts are sewn in at both ends and do not need to be stuffed or separated before laundering.  It is just as easy as a disposable & snaps adjust diaper to fit baby from 7-35lbs.

Bulk discount for bumGenius Organic One Size Cloth Diapers:
$69.96 for 3
$134.95 for 6
$264.95 for 12

Note:  For maximum discount, choose total desired quantity in one color & make note of color preferences in ‘Comments’ section at checkout.

The Minimalist Baby Rattle

November 28, 2009

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The Timbur Heirloom Wood Rattles remind us that it’s never too early to appreciate art.  Available in two styles (Maple/Purpleheart & Maple/Padauk), they are the opposite of the mass produced plastic practically-disposable toys that are far too common on toy store shelves.  Designed by a husband & wife team, Ezra & Ania, these rattles are unlike anything we’ve seen.  You would be forgiven for mistaking them for works of art.  This rattle is made of beautiful hardwoods, filled with real shell beads and is a genuine one-of-a-kind heirloom toy.

Each Timbur rattle is finished with a non toxic blend of natural oils & wax and is moisture and stain resistant.  With an organic shape, this rattle is easy for little hands to grip and offers a smooth, rounded chewing surface & a more defined chewing surface to offer relief to sore gums.  If you’re looking for a holiday gift that will make a real impact & last for years to come, this is it.

Maple is the best known of the three hardwoods used in the Timbur Heirloom Wood Rattles.  Maple is a source of syrup, lumber, butcher’s blocks, smoking chips as well as various ornamental uses.  Even its seeds have been used as a source of food.  Maple is considered a tonewood, or a wood that carries sound waves well, and is used in numerous musical instruments. Maple is harder and has a brighter sound than Mahogany, the other major tonewood used in instrument manufacture.  Maple trees are a major source of pollen in early spring before many other plants have flowered and are important to the survival of honeybees.

Exotically beautiful and durable, African Padauk (Pterocarpus soyauxii) is often called the ‘Wood of Kings’. It is also known as mukwa, narra, barwood, corail, African coralwood, muenge, mbe, mbil, mututi, ngula, vermillion and yomo. About as heavy, but stronger than oak, African Padauk is highly valued and makes beautiful furniture, cabinets and musical instruments. Because of its great strength & exceptional decay resistance, padauk has been used to make seaworthy boats.

King Solomon chose padauk for the pillars of his temple. French Kings Louis XV and Louis XVI also favored a red-orange padauk they called narra. With it, royal woodworkers crafted the cups and chalices of the royal court. Padauk grows in tropical climates such as India, Indochina, the South Pacific, West Africa, and even southern Florida.

Purpleheart (Peltogyne spp) is a hardwood that is also known as amaranth, violetwood, coracy, pauroxo, pauferro, koroboreli, saka, nazareno, morado  and tananeo.  Purpleheart is prized for its beautiful grain with a fine, even texture.  It is a very heavy, dense wood with great stability and natural decay resistance.

Purpleheart is a bright, striking purple when freshly cut and darkens into a deep, rich purple with age.  It has a medium to fine texture with a medium to high luster.  Purpleheart has high bending qualities combined with strength & shock resistance.  It grows abundantly in Central and South America and is a worldwide favorite with countless uses.  The tall and large trees can reach a diameter of five feet with clear, knot free log lengths.

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