Adorable American Baby Cribs

April 10, 2013

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We recently found these adorable convertible baby crib designs and were absolutely thrilled to find out that they are made in American with all American components.  Like our Amish convertible baby cribs, every part of these cribs is sourced in the USA and hand made by skilled American woodworkers.  Like our Amish cribs, these cribs can be converted into a toddler bed and can later be used with a Twin bed frame.   Unlike our Amish convertible baby cribs, these new crib designs do not have classic profiles.  They are playful, colorful and fun and the builder can create a custom crib designed for your little one.


These cribs are made by a mother of two who began her business when she realized that the crib she had in mind was not available on the market.  After the initial crib design, she set up shop and began building baby cribs that truly stand out among the regular offerings in baby stores.  Aside from the unique exterior designs, these cribs feature a drop gate that is very helpful to mothers that have just given birth and it makes changing sheets much easier.


Strict federal regulations dictate that all standard baby cribs must meet certain standards and measurements.  Therefore, standard baby crib builders cannot make any changes that would affect the crib frame.  However, the outside of these cribs can be customized.  Currently, they are available in Flower Power, Frog, Ladybug, Little Angel and Teddy Bear.  But perhaps you want a Baby Bird crib, a Train crib or a Sun Moon & Stars crib.  Let us know what you have in mind, send us a description or a picture and we’ll help you make it a reality.  Our builder can also make coordinating nightstands, dresser and baby changers to create a beautiful, singular nursery.

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